automotive repairs - labor only

power window repair starting at $90 each door


Power window not moving up, down, gets stuck or moves very slow? The regulator or the motor is damaged. It's best to replace both at the same time. In budgetary restraints you may opt to replace one. If you can hear noise in that door when the power window switch is pressed but the window does not move you need a regulator. If you hear nothing, the motor is bad. Locate your parts online or we can buy them for you, call for details.

power lock repair starting at $110 each door

Power locks stopped working or generate a loud noise? We can replace them with OEM parts. This is a 2 step process for we must diagnose the problem to determine the cause and apply a solution. Once it is determined which parts you need we will order them and finish the job at your location when it's most convenient for you.