12 Volt Technician

Since 1995 I have been installing car electronics on a wide range of vehicles. Products like car amplifiers, indash receivers, speakers to more complex installations with remote car starters and vehicle security are a small sampling of my experience. Very few installers with such vast and strong experience remain active in our industry. I have been working on or around cars since age 10. So, whether you drive a Ford, GM, Chrysler, BMW, Toyota, KIA, Mercedes and any make you can name, it is well within our expertise for installation of the products on this website.

That being said, the years have brought many lessons. Not every installation is beneficial for profit. We no longer accept every installation. We have had our own share of mishaps with inferior products that let us down. Because of the vast experience, even in recent times as we watch quality of brand name products erode, we must insist on the best products if we are to honor any warranty.

All of our wiring is now marine grade wiring. Yes, it's a bit more expensive. It is well worth the extra upfront cost. Whether you are installing an $85 amplifier or an $850 amplifier, we insist on high grade installation parts or your warranty becomes void.